Neither rain, sleet nor snow

Hey, all. Parts of Ohio got nearly 20″ of snow yesterday and overnight, but ours came down in the form of ice. It’s bad news here.

We lost power around 3:00am, as did my folks on the east side of town. For a while, our neighbors across the street had power, but lost theirs around Noon. It’s cold and only going to get colder over the weekend, so the ice is not going anywhere!

My laptop manages power well and has a charge still (thank you, Howie!), and the phone lines are working. We do have a 350w power inverter in the van, so we can recharge the laptops and maybe brew coffee (priorities!). We have a camping stove which runs off those little propane tanks, too – not sure if we have tanks, though!

Two of my BIL’s came over bearing a kerosene heater and thermos of hot coffee, but they were not able to find kerosene; the stores which do have power are out, and the roads are too bad to drive very far to buy it anywhere else. We’re a mite chilly…But Nancy’s basement apartment is holding steady at 60f right now. I left water trickling from an upstairs faucet. If we can just get some kerosene, it’s a very powerful heater and will keep the whole house at least warm enough the pipes won’t freeze.

We do have hot water, thanks to a gas water heater. Thank God! 🙂 I’d better get out of here and free up the phone line. Back to the old days, LOL.