Name that spoon!

I love the pattern on the flatware we have. I bought the utensils at an auction shortly after Howie and I were married, but I have no idea what the pattern’s called. All I know is, it’s “Stainless by International”. It took no real detective work to figure that out – it’s stamped on the back of the handles!

It has such a nice weight and balance to it, and the floral design is simple and somewhat art deco in look. I’d like to find more, but without knowing the name, it’s been like looking for a needle in a haystack. Does anyone recognize this pattern? Click this thumbnail to enlarge:

3 thoughts on “Name that spoon!

  1. Hi there – I don’t recognize that pattern – but i can recomend a site for you to check:
    You can do a patter search with “Stainless by International” – you will see that you will get a large result set! Most of the links that you will get back will have a photo of the patter!
    Good luck,

  2. …hey you musical person you, have you taken to playing the spoons. Sorry I’m not up on my stainless intenational patterns these days.

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