Mystery hotel and fishermen

…Fisherman and fisherwomen, that is.

I bought this photo at an antique store because it was so intriguing to me with its family, hotel and strings of fish. I imagine the hotel has been demolished in the century since this was taken, but who knows.

Since it turned up in a central Ohio antique store, I assume the photo might have been taken in Ohio, or at least along one of the Great Lakes shores. The fish depicted look like some sort of freshwater panfish (looks like they were really biting that day, too!). Thinking it might have been a hotel somewhere up along Lake Erie, I e-mailed a few of the historical societies in those areas, but so far no one’s had any information.

I hope someone can help me put a name with it. If anyone can help me ID the hotel and, even better, the people, I’d be grateful. I’d like to pinpoint just when it was taken, too.

Up for a challenge? Go for it! Feel free to pass the photo around online – just leave the text above and below the photo, please.

6 thoughts on “Mystery hotel and fishermen

  1. Wonderful photo. I love old photos. My husband and I have quite a collection.
    I can’t help you with the identification though.
    Good luck

  2. A friend has advised me that looking up old Ohio postcards would be a good start. She said to also check the Ohio genweb. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi, Chigiy – thanks for stopping by.

    Good idea, looking up old Ohio postcards. If this was a resort, maybe there are cards depicting it. I’ll check out the Genweb site, too. Thanks, Tami! 🙂

  4. I absolutely love trolling through antique shops. I hit quite a few on vacation last month. It’s amazing what you can find! Even if you don’t buy anything, just the history behind some of the stuff is quite fascinating. My aunt does genealogy as a hobby. She might have some idea of where to look to find out the hotel name and where it might be located. I’ll be sure to ask her.

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