My waif-like pals

click to enlarge Wal-Mart screen printI glanced through Wal-Mart’s clearance apparel. They have one of the shirts I recently bought, only in a pink and white stripe. The description on it cracked me up…Yes, I’m sure all my waif-like pals are clamoring to wear a size 22/24! If I wore a size 4, I know I would be jealous!

But back to the main reason for this entry…Every so often, people “just doing their job” really make a difference to me. When this happens, I like to let their employers know about it. People complain freely, but tend not to let the praises fall from their lips with such ease. I just finished submitting some feedback to Wal-Mart via their website and I’d like to share it with you, too.

I just wanted to write you all a letter of appreciation. My husband works second shift, so we usually go grocery shopping around 1:00am Saturday morning, after he gets out of work Friday night. No lines to speak of, and the stock people are always so friendly!

Two people/incidents recently stand out to me. One visit, I attempted to get a bottled water from one of the vending machines, but what came out was a can of fruit punch. Thinking it might have just been a fluke, I put more money in and hit the water button again — same thing, more punch. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I am on a restricted diet and wouldn’t use the punch.

I carried the cans back inside and told a male associate there named Dana about this, and he apologized. When he couldn’t readily find someone who could give me a refund, he reached into his own pocket and gave me the amount I’d lost. He said, “don’t you worry about it. I’ll take care of it!”. I thought this was especially thoughtful.

Last night, we found one of the store aisles closed off as an associate mopped it. I’d wanted to get some popcorn. The man said the floor would take 15 minutes or so to dry, and I said I’d just come back later. He asked me what brand I wanted, and I told him I’d wanted to compare the calories and fat on the brands, and I’d just buy some later.

A few minutes later, when my husband and I were quite a distance away in the dairy section, this associate came trotting up to us, smiling and holding up a box of Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop microwave popcorn. He said his mom likes this brand and asked if it would be okay – if not, he’d get me another one. Again, this was unexpected and made me burst out in a smile.

I feel the employees at our local Wal-Mart stores are terrific!

Also, I am thankful for your price-matching policy. Most stores in our area do not price-match. I’m especially appreciative that I can do 85% of my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and save myself running from store to store for advertised specials. Often I find that Wal-Mart already has the items at the same or better price, thanks to your careful comp shoppers.

Can you handle any more praise in one e-mail? 😉 I’ve been meaning to write ever since Dana helped me out with the vending machine snafu, and the goodness just keeps piling up.

You know, so many of the folks are in what many would consider “thankless” jobs…Mopping floors and stocking shelves at 2:00am can be make for a long night! These guys really just made my day, both times. Someone needs to know that. They need to know that!

Next time an employee makes you say “Wow!” in a positive way, take a moment to let someone know.

4 thoughts on “My waif-like pals

  1. I know all my freinds wish they could fit into my old size 66 pants. I have someone ask me all the time if they can have them.

  2. MAN! i wish i had one of those shirts!
    oh wait no, that me wishing i were waif like!
    Good for you for filing a good report–i try to do that sometimes too!

  3. Oh my, that despcription was funny!

    I know what you mean about praise. When I worked as a direcotry assistance operator, if someone called in to give you praise you got a commendation and a small little prize. My boss hated me though and after I got the third one she stopped caring
    One time, I had a great person help me at Earthlink so I called back and asked to talk to a supervisor and let them know about it:-D
    Good customer service is hard to find and I try to praise it when I can 😀 Sounds like your walmart is much nicer than ours LOL.

  4. Heather, I’ve always wanted to be a directory assistance operator. I love digging for information and I’m good at it. I’d love working somewhere doing internet searches, too.

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