My three offices

I feel like some big corporate executive with our three offices. Well, hardly executive, though I am a domestic engineer. Our offices all have interesting views, though, and I can use any of them at my whim.

There’s my home office, front office and branch office. Lately, the branch office has seen the most use, followed by the front office.

Owing to some gorgeous weather this week, both Howie and I have been spending a lot of time outside in the branch office. I should explain that it’s called the branch office owing to the swaying fir branches that overhang the patio where its located. The nice thing about living up on a hill is, nomatter how warm it is, there’s usually a nice breeze on our property. The view from this office is great, with our pond, clematis-clad garden arch, and birdfeeders before us.

When weather proves inclimate due to rain or excessive heat, I settle in at the front office. Located at the front of our house in what used to be our living room, the front office is in what we now call our dining room. We still have our couch and chairs, but we’ve situated everything to accomodate the dinette set we’ve had in our kitchen. Arranged so the large 7×10′ picture window is the focal point, the front office is a happy place to be with its view of the island bed, birdfeeders and birdbath.

Come the midnight hour, though, we head into the home office. Howie prefers his comfy chair at night after sitting in his office chair (the ugly, cubicle office – not one here). It’s the old stand-by, housing our office stuff, TV and desktop computer. It doesn’t boast quite the views of the branch or front offices, but it does have front-row seats to the avian concession stand during the day — that’s our hanging birdfeeders (they hang from the gutters).

Speaking of which, I made a new feeder today with some parts I scavenged from one of our old windows’ screens. It’s not the most professional looking thing, but it’s already brought a cardinal and mourning dove, and I’m sure bluejays, titmice and chickadees will figure it out soon. Before putting this one up, the tube feeders only attracted finches and the occasional nuthatch, plus it will catch the sunflowers which fall from the tube feeder above it (that’s the reason I started tinkering today, anyway – to solve that problem of falling seeds). Here’s a a closer look at the basket feeder.

I feel very blessed, very rich indeed; the years here have been kind to us, our gardens have expanded and matured, and our home is becoming what we dreamed it would be when we bought it back in 1999.

2 thoughts on “My three offices

  1. If I had a laptop, I’m sure that I would move around as you do. I know that I do that while reading my books. Do you like squirrels also? We don’t have enough squirrels around here. There aren’t many trees in the backyards.

  2. Yes, I really like the squirrels! They’re so funny to watch. Our neighbor feeds the birds and squirrels, including giving them in-shell peanuts. We have little peanut seedlings sprouting all around our property. Oh, and corn stalks, too. 😉

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