My mom’s in surgery

That view is the courtyard by the cafeteria at OSU Medical Center East in Columbus.

My mom is in surgery right now, having a very large hernia in her abdomen repaired. She’s had this thing for about fourteen years! After a colonoscopy proved problematic, a specialist told her she had to get it fixed because, the way things were, a thorough colonoscopy was impossible.

As a cancer survivor, it is important for her to have them. Plus the thing is just plain huge. She’s been very fearful and aggitated about it these weeks leading up to today. I know she’ll feel so much better once she heals up.

Funny story….On the way here, Howie and I smelled this nasty smell in the car. We came to the conclusion that it was dad’s breath. This was confirmed when mom said his dilantin (sp) makes his breath terrible for about an hour after he takes it. The smell was unreal…like poop! I had to crack the windows.

Howie had to go to work, so headed back to town. He called a half hour later and said, “I kept smelling that awful smell all the way home. When I stopped to buy gas and got back in the car, it still stank so I looked in back. Well, you were right. It WAS dog poop!” I knew it…No breath could be that bad! Mom’s shoes were the culprit! Glad they’re Crocs and easy to clean! LOL

She will get a kick out of that. None of us got to go back and wish her well first – kind of odd. So the story will have to wait.

We don’t know how long to count on it taking today . Dr. Juan just told her he wouldn’t know until he got in there. It may be quite involved. I’ll try to update when I know more.

UPDATE at 11:30am – Well, she’s in recovery! The surgeon said there were three hernias that he combined into one. He put a patch over that. Because her abdominal wall was weakened, he put another, larger patch up higher to reinforce it.

She’ll be in recovery a for a couple hours. He said she could go home tomorrow, possibly. It depends on what she wants and how she feels. She wants to go home, he said.

The main concern is the coumadin. The family doctor wants her right back on it because of her propensity to make clots. The hospital would prefer she wait a bit. Aagh. Please pray for all to heal well with her on it. What a pickle!

At any rate, that’s the update!

3 thoughts on “My mom’s in surgery

  1. Was there supposed to be a picture with this?
    How does a person, especially a woman, know when they have a hernia? I’m glad she is having it repaired. Will this make a difference with the things she is able to do or did it not even bother her?

    The poop story is funny. Your poor dad …..

  2. Yes, there was a picture originally. When I re-opened the blog entry on my phone (WP to Go app), I forgot to re-upload it. I guess I thought it would be there still. I’m putting it back in the entry.

    Mom’s hernia(s) were in her abdomen. The one she had years ago was the size of a grapefruit, right beneath her belly button! She had it repaired years ago when she had to have surgery for something else. I know they weren’t able to go as far up into her bowel as they needed to for her colonoscopy, so the specialist said she needed to have this repaired so she could have them in the future.

    When I had my hernia a few years ago, it was small but I sure felt it. It developed where one of the ports was from my laproscopic gallbladder surgery. I was very uncomfortable if I wasn’t wearing something sturdy like jeans, something that held things in.

    Yes…Poor dad! Here we all blamed dad’s dilantin breath, but it was mom’s tag-a-long that was the culprit!

  3. Praying for your mom (and dad!). I know the feeling. My mom just got out of the hospital and is now at a skilled nursing facility to help with her recovery.

    Oh, and if your dad or mom or anyone you know actually does develop fecal breath, get them in to the doctor right away. Hopefully the doc will discover dog poop in the treads of their shoes, but just in case…better safe than sorry. 🙂

    Praying for your mom!

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