My man, the builder

Howie got up Saturday and updated our pantry. Just picture it with no shelves, just the three big “steps” leading up to the attic door, and that’s what the “before” picture would look like (don’t forget to imagine the disarray of junk, brooms, dog food containers, and other stuff).

I’m so excited to now have this extra storage, and it’s wonderful not having to arrange our whole living room around a cat litter box. We were concerned our oldest cat, Elliott, would not adapt well to having his box moved. He did fine, though, and now all three cats are using their space regularly. It’s great not having to barricade the litterbox and food dish from the dogs, too; what any eyesore those two things were.

I still need to get some S-hooks for the pans (they’ll hang on the wire shelving) and trim out the cat door, but you can see I’m already making use of that extra space.

My man ROCKS.

2 thoughts on “My man, the builder

  1. Now that sounds like a great problem solved! And the cat’s probably appreciate the privacy too.

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