My husband’s got a date with another man

Howie finally has a date with another man. I’m fine with it, really. The man seems kind and I know Howie will be in good hands with him. And, really, it’s been a long time in coming, anyway…Too long.

Fortunately, it’s Dr. Kebaish I’m talking about. At long last, after weeks of calling, the surgery schedule for January was up in the hospital system and Howie has a date for his back surgery: Monday, January 9, 2006.

Because of a couple preliminary appointments the preceeding week, we’ll head out to Maryland the Monday after new year’s day. Nothing like hitting the new year with your tires spinning!

He is to be in the hospital a week, then have 3 and 6-week follow-up visits to the surgeon’s office. Given all the travel involved, it didn’t make sense to put him through spending all that time in airports and on planes. We also couldn’t see racking up the expenses of airfare, hotel, taxi and meals for numerous visits, either. Our anonymous friend who made our visit to JH possible in the first place would have taken care of those expenses, but we didn’t see where it was the best route to go.

Okay, so we’d stay there in the Baltimore area. Then we looked into rental fees for both long-term hotel stays and short-term apartment leases. They were really high! What a quandary; we really didn’t know what to do about a place to stay.

But God didn’t wonder. He was working it all out behind the scenes.

Wonderfully and unexpectedly, someone we know from Dave’s Garden stepped up to help us She and her husband have a couple extra rooms in their home and invited us to stay with them. Not only did they invite us, but they told us to bring our dogs with us! How cool is that? Anyone who knows the comfort and companionship dogs bring will understand what a touching thing this was for us to hear. That’s what sent me over the edge into happy tears. 🙂

It gets better: these folks follow the same dietary guidelines we do, from the American Heart Association and they have a fitness room with a treadmill. They’re about a half hour from Johns Hopkins, so we don’t have to be stuck in the city all the time, something I was concerned about.

Most of all, we’re so thankful to know we’ll be staying with friends and not cooped up in some lonely hotel room. Being a few states away from home will be difficult, and we couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to do so alone. Having the love and support of friends like these will make it so much easier.

I am so thankful I do contract work from our home, and that my work is as portable as, well, the Internet. God’s so good – He takes care of details. He’s got it all planned and is doling out the clues to us on this, our personal Amazing (G)Race.

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7 thoughts on “My husband’s got a date with another man

  1. Amazing Grace indeed! This is like reading a book of miracles the way it is all falling into place for you. And the answered prayers involved confirm that even the faith equal to a mustard seed can move mountains (of hurdles) to get you where you need to be.

    That you can take the dogs along is a big added bonus. They will be happier with you and as you already know, their comfort giving abilities is unsurpassed.

    By the way, Love the new Hair cut!

  2. That is great news. I’ve been waiting to hear when he would be getting an appointment. That’s also great to hear you have found a place to stay and bring the dogs along.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I was so happy to share this news with folks I know have been along this long road.

    I’ll tell you, most of the time I feel like my faith is mustard-seed sized. Then the clouds break momentarily and something like this happens…I just don’t get it sometimes. He’s so faithful.

  4. This is wonderful news! If Howie had any doubts about having this surgery – he should know now that it was meant to be.

    How is your MIL taking it? I’m sure it will be very quiet around there with no people or pets!

  5. Nancy said she wants him to be all better, but she’s going to miss us a lot. She has her little beagle/dachshund mix Hannah and our kitty Hattie will be staying here, too. I told Nancy Hattie needs extra lovin’s because she is sooo people-oriented. She purrs and cuddles with us every night and sleeps right by us. Nancy said she’ll likely sleep in our bedroom while we’re gone, so that will work out. Gets me motivated to have the bedroom decluttered and really clean, that’s for sure!

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