My favorite blogger’s site is

My favorite blogger’s site is She’ll have to remind me to post here, because it’d be easy to forget seeing how this is so new and all…Yesssiree, Bob, brand-spankin new. Let’s see who those words bring to my blog, LOL.

Of course, my other favorite site is Dave’s Garden, where I spend far too much time geeking out with other gardeners about the leaves on our coneflowers, the weird bugs we’ve picked off our roses, and all that good stuff. There’s a computer forum there, too, though, so there are also legitimate geeky-geeks.

I need to figure out how to add comments to this blog like Angie has on hers; I don’t know if Prodigy allows this, and seeing how I must use my freebie hosting for the moment, I’m stuck with whatever crumbs they deign to scatter my way. And I wanna add pictures!! 🙂

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