My father left another message

My father left another message on the voicemail today. He called a couple times yesterday, so the caller-ID display told us.

The voicemail wasn’t on, and he called back three times and let it ring many times before giving up. He must have just gotten his mail today and called as soon as he saw the precious Makita drill was not there. “Keep the Makita, BITCH” and then he hung up. In today’s message I heard the vile tone of voice that I remember from bygone years, spitting venom still. Yuck. Yep, that’s my father all right.

We use the computer for voicemail now rather than the old answering machine, and I am keeping copies of everything he says. If he ever does start threatening us like he did my aunt, I will have record of it when I file a restraining order. This just isn’t good. I thank God that he is disabled by this Parkinson’s, but only because it limits the chance that he would actually follow through on his anger and come out to Ohio.

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