My 2008 Halloween Costume

I’m a scrapbooking layout! I’m at the Scrappers Gallery Halloween Bash, so this is definitely in keeping with the crowd.

The “frame” is made from a Harry & David box. The Flowers were scavenged from a spring floral arrangement I’ve had about 10 years; I wanted to soften the transition between the paper and my face, and the flowers did the trick. RIP, spring floral display.

The chipboard lettes were brown and beige, so I painted them with Prang metallic markers ( I love these!).

The only thing I didn’t get done was cover the outside of the box. I’d also wanted to attach a ribbon to the back so I could tie it to my head. Oh, well…Close enough!

Happy Holloween, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “My 2008 Halloween Costume

  1. You said you didn’t get finished with the outside. Does this mean there was a time limit? How much did it cost to make?

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  3. Tami, the costume was inexpensive to make! I just took a sturdy lid from a corrugated cardboard Harry & David fruit box and decorated it with some scrapbook paper I already had. I took black cardstock and put it around the inside perimeter of the box, making the “frame” dark. I wrapped the black cardstock a little ways around the front edge and outside of the lid; had I not run out of that cardstock (and time), I would have covered the outside completely so the whole thing resembled a shadowbox. I really should have taken photos of the whole process so I could explain it better.

    The pink paper I’d bought years ago at Big Lots, a 25-pack for something like $3. The chipboard letters were from a pack of them given to me by a friend. New, they’d be around $5 for a complete set, I think. I just used my Prang metallic markers to color them mauve and green. The silk flowers you see around my face were scavenged from some silk flowers we’ve had for years. The adhesive pop dots I used to raise the letters off the paper aren’t very expensive, and I didn’t use many of them.

    There was no time limit other than my own — I procrastinated and didn’t actually MAKE the costume until Friday! The crop started at 6pm and I was still waiting for glue to dry at that time! I didn’t get to the store until about 7:30pm, but that was okay since the crop went until 2am.

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