Mutant doggie toy

Am I the only one who finds this doggie toy just a bit disturbing?

Poor little doggie head…what’d they do with your body? This toy belongs to my mother-in-law’s dog, Hannah. By the time I left, she’d already breached the fur on the mutant doggie head, exposing the tender, fluffy innards. Wretched, unthinking beast! It’s not doggie head’s fault it has no discernible body. Next thing you’ll do, I suppose, is pull off its legs. *Sniffle*

3 thoughts on “Mutant doggie toy

  1. Doggy toys are a problem. Our dog has one that has a hard round thing on one end and it keeps swinging it around and hitting my leg. Which now has bruises to prove it.

  2. It does indeed look odd without a body, but I bet the dog loves it. When Guido was a puppy, he was big into chewing those rawhide bones, but he rarely chews on his anymore. I’m wondering if those bones kept him from chewing on other things. I did think he would always enjoy them and not outgrow them.

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