Must love ties

The slicks and other ads for stores can be amusing. A Wal-Mart ad tickled me enough to post about it a few months back. This time, it’s a Value City (AKA Schottenstein’s) ad that caught my attention. It had me grabbing my camera when I saw it while perusing the contents of our weekly ad bag at the coffee shop last night…

First off, isn’t this handsome man charming as he proffers the fine selection of mens shirts? It’s amazing how perfectly balanced the stack of shirts is on his outstretched arms. Surely he’s really holding them, for you can see his thumb peeking out on the right side there. And he’s so sincere! I’d be so pleased if you’d sample these fine garments, sir! If you doubt my sincerity, look me deep in the eyes!

But this fellow really had fun during the photo shoot. You can almost feel his joy as he clutches the ties to his chest and throws his head back in hearty laughter. Today’s a great day! I have many ties! Come, share this happiness that only ties can bring!

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