MT whizzes…Humor me?

Since my site’s migration to a new server last week, odd things have been popping up. For one, some of the images in my gallery were corrupted. I’ve downloaded my images again from the old site and will upload them in the next day or two.

Also, there seem to be ghosts in the MT machine here. There’s been some strange happenings…

For one, comments do not post publically the comment counts are not always updating like they should. Howie left a comment on this entry, and the comment didn’t post until some time later. We’re right in the room next to each other, on the same ISP. My test posts show up immediately. Weird. I’ll watch and wait on that one.

Additionally, when I try to upload images, I get an error:

Perl module Image::Size is required to determine width and height of uploaded images.

I tried following the directions from the MT Manual, but still the error persists. Oya!

I may not be doing it right; when I went to the link provided in the manual, the compressed file just opened on the browser instead of giving me an option to save it. I copied the text into a text file and saved it with the correct file name, then uploaded it to the directory they specified. It doesn’t work.

I also notice that my blog’s formatting is not working right in any flavor of Mozilla, not only the front end visitors see, but the forms I use to create entries. On my side it’s just the lack of bold, italics and URL buttons along the top of the form.

If I login using IE, the formatting buttons are there. If I login with Firebird (which I really like, by the way) or any Mozilla-based browser, they’re not.

There are a few more issues, but I can’t recall them right now. I guess that’s a clue that I should get some sleep! In the meantime, any ideas, anyone?

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5 thoughts on “MT whizzes…Humor me?

  1. Hey, thanks! 🙂 I just wish the default MT templates looked the same in Mozilla as they do in IE, dang it. I’ve been using Mozilla Firebird and love it, but my blog doesn’t look right, nor do other MT blogs. 🙁

  2. MT is working for me again and I just need to copy over the corrupted pictures in my directories. Yippee!

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