MT hates Mozilla — *sniffle*

I have a question, O mighty and resourceful (yay, even opensourceful) ?bergeeks who read this blog entry: Why is it that the formatting buttons for bold, italic, underline and URL don’t show up when I use any flavor of Mozilla to compose my MT entries?

I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that MT’s basic templates are not Mozilla-friendly, that I am not knowledgeable enough about HTML to fix them so they will be, and that most of my visitors use IE, anyway.

My preferred browser is Firefox (the browser formerly known as Firebird), but if I want the convenience of those lovely little buttons, I have to compose my MT entries in IE. I enjoy buttons which make my life easier; I don’t mind text formatting tags, but I’m admittedly lazy when it comes to have to typing out the HTML for every hyperlink).

I even viewed the source code for the create entry page (as if I would have some blinding epiphany from looking at it). Evidently the buttons are a little bit of javascript…Javascript I can’t post in my blog entry for you to read, so I’ve done a print screen of it instead.

Hey, maybe I’m a little resourceful after all. But I’m still never going to be a brainy geek like you (batting eyelashes).

So, any ideas on how to tweak this script so I can have my buttons in Mozilla too?

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