Mrs. Pharris, what were you thinking?

Okay, forgive me in advance for my weird-working mind. Heather brought my attention to a news story, and I was duly inspired to write poetry (a limerick, actually).

A teenager’s mother, so flip
Thought hiring a stripper was hip
‘Til the photos developed
And the police enveloped
Her wrists with a manacle’s grip

Now, you word people will appreciate this next part. The woman’s last name is Pharris. Her last name is similar to another word which is oddly fitting, considering.

Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra ra ra.

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Pharris, what were you thinking?


    That was too funny Kimberley. I saw that news story and I was like, “who in their right mind hires a stripper for their 16 year old son’s birthday party?” She said she wanted to so something special,.. bake a cake or something lady!..LOL

  2. Isn’t that just nuts? I suppose the dad nixed his plans to take the boy to a brothel…or maybe they just didn’t invite a bunch of minors along to that.

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