Moving Day and a Recap

Today’s the day my MIL Nancy moved in. We can’t believe it’s already time; we first started talking about redoing the basement into an apartment for her last October, had the basement waterproofed in January, and started construction on the rooms in May. And now she’s here!

The contractor and plumber have a few things left to do downstairs and upstairs, but they’ll be done this week. Next Monday, after it’s all done, Merry Maids will be tackling our upstairs for us – a special treat after living with this salmagundi of plaster dust, sawdust, dirt, and other construction matter. We can’t wait!

The scrapbook is now back in the hands of its rightful owners. In all, I did 38 pages. Sad thing is, despite even pulling an all-nighter from 9pm Thursday to 8am Friday, I was only finished through the end of third grade pictures. At some point, perhaps worn down by the lack of sleep, I came to the correct realization that I was NOT going to be able to complete it in time, nomatter how badly I wanted to. That in itself was freeing for this guilt-ridden girl. But, really, considering I didn’t get the pictures until Tuesday, I don’t think I did so badly! I’m pleased with how they came out, because I did them with love and with the same attention as my own scrapbook. That’s enough. 🙂

Friday morning was a really fun scene, starting off bright and early as Rite Rug called us at 6:45am to say they’d be here in 15 minutes! Have you ever in your life heard of carpet installers coming that early without a customer specifically requesting it? I think it should be a capitol offense. It was doubly frantic because the contractor, assuming the carpet guys wouldn’t come until at least 8 or 9am, had not completed clearing the rooms and sweeping the floors; like us, he never dreamed we’d have to be ready that soon and was just going to come in early and finish up before they arrived.

So, Howie called him and let him know everything was happening, and we headed downstairs to get the last of the debris and such out of the rooms. The carpet guys came right on time and helped us finish sweeping up. What a way to start the day! And with no sleep…Whoooo. Carpet looks great, though.

I ended up staying up until about eight last night, then crashing for a good night’s sleep until ten this morning. It felt sooo good to crawl between those freshly-laundered sheets and listen to the pond’s waterfall splashing a few feet outside the bedroom window. It’s been unseasonably cool here, good sleeping weather. And sleep I did.

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