MovableType template tweakage teaser for Gmail Invites

I have not one, but TWO, Gmail invites to the person who can get my templates working the way I want them, that is to say…

…So they’ll display correctly in IE, Netscape and Firefox

…So my archive pages have the same format as the main page, with the same formatting, including the left sidebar

Those are my big two concerns. It’s frustrating to picture something in my head, but not be able to get the darned templates to do it. I can whip up a visual of it using Photoshop or Publisher in a heartbeat, but I can’t code it. If I had the money, I’d pay Mandi to do my whole MT blog design. She did a bang-up job on Heather’s design, a blog brimming with eye candy goodness. Either that, or Moxie Design Studios. Woah, those girls really put out, and I mean that in the purest sense (I think).

I’m working on getting comments back online (thanks, Tami), so please e-mail me in the meantime if you’re interested. Thanks in advance, ?ber Geeks wherever you are!

An unrelated P.S.: I’m planning to start selling my photos. I just need to figure out pricing for the various size prints I’ll offer, prices that are fair to both my buyers and to me.

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