Mourning Michaela

Howie and I are TechTV junkies, and one of our favorite folks on the channel was Michaela Pereira. Friday brought sad news to us…

She’s moving on from TechTV’s Tech Live to co-anchor on KTLA’s Morning News show in Los Angeles.

To quote one fan’s angst, “talk about mixed feelings”! Her dry humor, obvious intelligence, and lovely face had us hooked from the start. Obviously KTLA saw the same qualities, and who can blame them? We think she’ll go far!

Since we can’t watch live streaming video of that production, our Michaela supply’s been cut off abruptly. We’ll miss you, Michaela!


4 thoughts on “Mourning Michaela

  1. ~WOW~, I read her bio and she did some time just an hour away from where we live…..Victoria, B.C., hey girl we be closer than ya think.

  2. Yes, I thought about you being in Canada! I think it’s neat how proud she is of her mixed family of adopted kids, too.

  3. You probably thought that I would never see this … but you forget… once a geek – always a geek!

    Thank you so much for the heartfelt sentiments and for the well wishes.

    I am settling in here at KTLA and loving it. But of course I do miss my TTV friends.

    It was great being a part of a great thing for 5 1/2 years. Thanks to all of you for the support.

    Michaela Pereira
    (formerly of Tech TV)
    KTLA Morning News

  4. Hi, Michaela! You must have been Googling your own name, eh? Thanks for posting – my “brush with greatness”. I’ll never wash this blog entry again!

    I miss the old TechTV, period. We’re not gamers, and there’s so little left that we really enjoy now.

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