Motivation, Where Aaaare You?

I need to go buy chicken today. One store is having a meat blow-out (doesn’t that sound appetizing?), including boneless/skinless chicken breast for $1.58/lb. Another store has stepped up to the plate and is selling them for $1.28/lb. I must stock up! I just feel slow on the draw today, like most days. But if I don’t get going, they’ll be sold out and I’ll be paying $2.00+ for them tomorrow. *yawn*

I got my replacement Epson Printer via UPS today. I e-mailed tech support because of problems I’ve had with our Epson Stylus Photo 820 ever since getting it last year, and got a reply saying I needed to call a number and arrange for a whole unit replacement. Cool. I called, and recounted all the diagnostic steps I’d taken to troubleshoot and remedy the problems with the print heads on this printer, and the rep agreed to do a replacement.

He asked me where and when I bought it, and I told him Staples, January 25, 2002. I honestly thought that was the purchase date, and I didn’t have any documentation on hand to look at. It’s the date which stuck out in my mind. Well, I got the printer today and looked up an old post I’d done on another website, and found I’d actually gotten it December 31, 2001. Sheesh….So I contacted Epson five days past my 1-year guarantee. I hope they don’t hassle me about this exchange, considering how close I was!

They sent me the silver model, and I notice it has a removeable power cord. My original printer is the standard putty color and the power cord is attached. I must say, the silver model blends nicely with the grey pebble finish on the desk…I need to put it through its paces and see if it remedies the problem I’ve had. And I need to find that doggoned receipt or see if Staples can pull it up somehow, like Target can, by credit card number. Oh, if I have my archives, I will have a scan of the receipt; I made one to send in with the printer’s rebate form. Aha! Cross your fingers, everyone.

The dogs have finally accepted this office is, well, just an office again. They’re curled up on various pieces of furniture, sleeping soundly. It’s a good time to take a shower, but the sun coming through the window feels so nice, and my coffee tastes so good, and this chair feels so comfy…Well, I’d better get at it.

P.S. I found my receipt from Staples and wrote a note on the copy I made of it for Epson. I hope Epson will be decent about this, considering how close it was to my year’s warranty when I wrote. I’m also sending a print screen with a post I made in September 2002 at a photo forum concerning my problems with the printer. I want them to see I’ve had a legitimate problem with the printer, and for a long time. Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be kind, especially since they’ve already sent me a refurbished printer as a replacement!

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