5 thoughts on “More than just purple

  1. All the pics were just wonderful.
    Most bulb plants do not do well in florida as they never get to winter.
    bummer for me.

  2. Dana, ever try giving them a false winter by putting them in the fridge for a spell? That’s how florists force bulbs. They’re so gorgeous, and I’m thankful we can grow them.

    But I think it would be wonderful to be able to grow tropicals and not have to fret about them getting frost killed because I forgot to bring in their pots!

  3. well–i have considered it. But right now with a 6,5 and 4 year old–i need plants that winter themselves!! We will be here awhile though, so i will probably be gardening more and more as i get more time to do it. I have forced amaryllis and daffodils, so i know how its done–it’s just hard to find space next to the hotdogs and cheese sticks!! LOL!

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