More IE gaping holes

Well, yet another Internet Explorer vulnerability has been announced by InfoWorld, and it’s a nasty one. Read about it as much as you can and learn what you can do to avoid opening yourself up to the problem.

The biggest step you can take to avoid problems is to dump IE and switch to another browser…You do not have to use IE just because that’s what comes with Windows or because your ISP installed it for you with their software.

About two weeks ago, I switched to Mozilla Firebird because it is very quick-loading and self-contained in one directory on my hard drive. The big reason I wanted to try it is the tabbed browsing (avoid having a bunch of IE windows open, get the picture?).

I would have installed Mozilla 1.6 (the whole suite, including e-mail, composer, news reader, etc.), but I use Eudora 6 for my e-mail and didn’t really need the whole Mozilla client. Well, I’m probably going to try Mozilla Thunderbird, though, just because…It’s free, too, and it doesn’t hurt to try!

Anyway…What I started to say, before I so rudely interrupted myself, is this: Though I began with choice based on aesthetics, it’s become one based on common sense.

I’m sticking with it not only because I really like how it looks and navigates, but because of its stability and security. I also like the fact that it is open source and that means there is not one big company deciding what is done with it. With the extensions and plug-in’s available for free, it has so much cool stuff.

True, Mozilla is not perfect. I do find the occasional site which does not display well in Mozilla (namely Movable Type blogs!). In most cases, I can still view the content I’m there for, so I don’t mind.

Yes, I do still use IE on occasion. I prefer using IE for posting to my blog, for example. It’s only because some elements — namely, the buttons for formatting bold, italics, underline and hyperlinks — don’t show up on the “create new entry” form. If I can figure out why this is so and correct it, I’ll have nearly no need for IE at all, though I won’t uninstall it.

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One thought on “More IE gaping holes

  1. I’m with ya! My hubby weaned me off IE a few months ago and I love Mozilla! No more pop-ups! I do have to use IE to post to my blog (same issues you have), and occasionally I can’t view a site properly with Mozilla. But not often! It’s nice to be out of the line of fire for a change. 🙂 (Btw, I found you through Petals’s blog.)

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