Monday Mission

I’ve not done a Monday Mission for a while…This week’s questions were pretty compelling, though, so I thought I’d take a stab at them.

1. I read an article that said the reason many people like hot and spicy food is because that pain actually causes them pleasure. Do personally find a connection between pleasure and pain?

No, not really. There’s some pleasures so great I don’t think I can endure another second of them, but they’re not painful.

2. On the local NPR station their was a news item that about a recent study which said men who do housework get more sex. What do you think about that? Why would that be the case?

Oh, definitely! We women respond sexually when we feel cared for and cherished. When a man helps around the house, that’s putting his money where his mouth is.

3. A friend and I were talking about the stigma attatched to divorce. He said that men can usually be divorced and not have much social backlash, but that women are often looked at as having failed in some way. The church especially, he said, tended to look down upon divorced women as if it were totally their fault and not the man’s. Do you think there is a double-standard when it comes to men and women and the stigma of divorce?

Yes, I do. Part of it, I think, is that women typically end up the custodial parents. That makes a difference when it comes to dating, for she’s more likely to be looked upon as encumbered than her non-custodial weekend-dad ex. Also, I think that for whatever reason, divorced women are viewed as damaged goods much more so than men. It’s part of the whole sexual double-standard, I think. Guys can date around and no one thinks a thing of it, but a woman can’t.

4. On that same topic, I just read an article (look on Google News) that said parents with daughters are more likely to divorce than parents with sons. Do you think there is any validity to this?

Wow, I’ve never thought of it. I was going to say that teenage daughters would stress any marriage, but then again so would teenage boys. I’ll have to look at the article and mull over this one.

5. Do you think the way a Father raises his daughter has an impact on the type of men she will eventually have relationships with?

HECK yes. An abusive father can really mess up a little girl and her view of men. I think women who were raised with little affection seek relationships that will fulfill that need for a father’s love. Sometimes they act out sexually, as a means of getting that closeness they equate with love. It’s a sad cycle! Conversely, there’s such good when a father reaffirms his daughter’s beauty — both her inner and outer beauty — and lovingly disciplines her. I envy girls who are raised in such an environment.

6. Have you ever found your body craving some sort of food? Meat, chocolate, fruit and even water, the body tends to know what it needs. Do you get food cravings? Which are the most powerful?

I crave sweets. I sure don’t need them, though! I also crave water, yes. But not as much as I do sweets. 😉

7. Do you have any type of skills you can “fall back on” if you needed to change careers suddenly?

Yes, though I don’t enjoy the type of work. I did office work for years working as a receptionist, typing, answering phones, making copies, even working as an administrative assistant. I dislike that type of paperwork-shuffling work now. I don’t like it, but in a pinch, I’d do it to pay the bills.

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