Monday Mission Time Again

Promoguy’s Monday Mission 3.09 Questions:

1. Are there any television commercials on these days that are among your favorites? What is your favorite television commercial from your childhood?

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the Chevy Tahoe commercial which features fabulously rich filmwork and James Garner’s voiceover of the poem “Nobody Knows It But Me”. It just doesn’t get any better than that. My hubby and I also giggle at those Glad commercials with the perky little brunette and the various celebrities. Her voice is so darned cute! My favorite childhood commercial…Hmmmmmm. I always liked the Charmin commercials with Mr. Whipple, and got a kick out of the Chuckwagon dog food ads, too. Oh! And O-S-C-A-R M-A-Y-E-R B-O-L-O-G-N-A . Boy, how many of us kids learned how to spell bologna from listening to those ads?

2. Sometimes we see ourselves as different than we actually are. For example, I like to think I am a pretty outgoing person, but in reality, I would be perfectly happy if I were left alone. How about you? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Would others agree with you?

That sounds a lot like me, actually. I think I am an extrovert, but also play very well by myself. I am an only child, and I think that makes a difference; I learned early on how to entertain myself. I honestly don’t get lonely being by myself, though I also love to get out with people and laugh. Getting me out with people is difficult, because I am very content being at home, but once I am out, I have a great time.

3. What kind of a worker are you? Do you like a job where you have a daily routine that you can count on every day? Or do you prefer to be in an environment where there is constant change and you never know what to expect from one day to the next?

These are such good questions! I’ll tell you what I don’t like in a job: endless paperwork and backlogs. I like jobs which afford new things every day, but within a structure that gives guidance. Take my job at Bear Creek, for instance; it was structured in that we had procedures to follow, but it was always different because we dealt with customers all day long. What I liked about that job was being a knowledge source (I was the “plant lady” for the call center) and being able to help people with questions. What I detested about the job was the close monitoring of call times and other statistical minutae, not only as one being monitored, but as a team leader having to give employees “feedback”. Ugh.

4. I’ve found that when I go out for a business lunch or any type of meeting where you have to speak, a salad makes the best meal choice. It isn’t sloppy and makes it easy to pause for conversation. I would think the same would be true for first dates. When you’ve gone out on first dates, what sort of decisions would go into your choice of dinner? Price? Ease of conversation? The “messiness” factor?

The messiness factor is a big one! Spaghetti is an accident waiting to happen. Conversation is a biggie, too. And you want to have garlic if your date does. 😉

5. “It’s grouper” “Two Dollars!” “By choice, man!” The Donger need food!” are just a few of the movie quote that I can recite off the top of my head. These (and oh so many others) come up in the most unusual and inappropriate situations. Usually no one but me “gets it.” Doesn’t matter, I still have a good laugh. What are some of your all-time favorite movie quotes?

“My name is Inigo Mantoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” … “He’s only mostly dead.” How well do you know The Princess Bride? Check out these quizzes! You can read the whole script online, for that matter.

6. What if it happened. All of creation is gone. Wiped out. And then come to find out that that there is no reincarnation, no chance to live life over again, no second chance. Turned out, there really was a God and Heaven and Hell. How would that make you feel? Do you want to go to Heaven?

Sure do! I think we should all live our lives as if this were the only chance – otherwise, what’s the point?

7. Should everyone be allowed into Heaven? Or should there be criteria? If you were making up the guest list for Heaven, how would you choose who gets in?

My guest list and God’s guest list differ somewhat, I suspect. For one, my list might change depending on my whim or what I think I see someone say/do. But my observances, nomatter how shrewd, do not penetrate to the heart. Only God sees the deepest hearts of men! It’s Him we must all make an accounting to, not me.

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