Monday Mission 3.48

I’m kind of sporadic with these, but I did Promoguy’s Monday Mission, and on a Monday even!

1. Those paper toilet seat covers in public bathrooms, do you use them?

It depends on (a) how badly I need to go, (2) if I am confident I can do the hover maneuver, and (three) if I’m in there for a long haul.

2. What is on your Christmas Wish List for Santa to bring?

We’re getting a little Initial DMA-710 DVD-player radio stereo thingie from Wal-Mart for our bedroom. They’re sold out online, but the local store has two units left and they’re holding one for me this evening. Woo!

What I’d like for Santa to bring is 512mb of RAM for my hubby’s laptop and another 256+ for my desktop. My folks, Santa’s helpers, got us two doxy bookcases that OfficeMax had on sale. We bought a third. For $19.99 each (normally $49.99), how could we not? They’re on backorder, and we hope they’ll get them to us soon.

3. What did you accomplish in the month of November?

Not a whole lot, though I did clean the h-e-double-hocky-sticks out of the living room (with the help of my MIL), kitchen and office in time for thanksgiving. It feels good to have these rooms presentable for the holidays! I still need to tackle the bedroom.

I got a few of my vacation pictures posted, but have lots more I need to edit and post in my gallery. For that matter, I need to get links to my gallery and other pages on my blog template. Aaaargh.

4. Have you ever snuck into someplace that you shouldn’t have? Tell me about that.

In high school, I snuck into movies a few times, using the exit door. Howie and I accidently snuck into a cave tour once, the year before we were married; honestly, we didn’t know there was a charge. We saw the sign for Olentangy Indian Caverns on our way home from his dad’s family reunion and stopped by. There was a group decending the cave entrance steps and we just tagged right along. Afterwards, we sat in the lobby for a little while. Suddenly, Howie said, “Kimberley, we need to get out of here, right now.” When we got outside, he said he’d looked up and seen a sign with tour prices posted! Whoops.

5. Do you recall the first internet meme you participated in? How did you come to find out about it? Do you still participate? Why or why not?

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what a meme is, let alone an internet meme. I Googled and found quite a few links, but I’m still unclear about what one is. I’ve probably participated in one without knowing that’s what it was. Any one care to clarify?

6. Do you have any favorite internet or “streaming” radio programs or music channels you wish were available in your car or on a portable radio?

I like classical music a lot, as well as big band and jazz. Shoutcast has some nice stuff, but most of the streaming media players like Windows Media Player have links to good content, I think.

I dislike Real Player’s ads and annoying pop-ups, so I avoid using it unless it’s the only format given for particular content. I refuse to pay for streaming music, even if it would allow me to play a particular artist on demand or have a higher bitrate stream.

7. Ever been skinny dipping? What’s the story there?

Yep. When I was a little girl (maybe 6?) my folks were outside skinny dipping in the pool. I ran out and jumped on in with ’em, clueless! Howie and I have never had the opportunity to swim where we knew no one would happen upon our poor, pasty-white and fluffy bodies, so we’ve never went swimming in the buff.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mission 3.48

  1. I went to your gallery, but I couldn’t get the “around our yard” link to work. All of the other links worked though. Your parent’s yard is beautiful 🙂

  2. pangie here again… thought i’d answer these preguntas for the heckuvit.

    1. naw, i just plunk right down on the seat as long as it looks clean.

    2. dunno, would rather not know. i like surprises. i haven’t given any lists out to anyone either. so maybe i’ll be depressed on christmas day instead!

    3. ummmm…. whoa that’s a tough question. i worked 40 hours a week. hmm-ah. i created nifty programmed spreadsheets at work to do all the calculating for me so i hardly have to lift a finger. oh, did you mean what did i accomplish on a personal level? not so much anything i guess.

    4. i think i snuck into the boys’ restroom in high school just to see what it looked like.

    5. what is a meme? i guess if i have to ask, then i never have participated in one.

    6. no. i just use the old-fashioned mechanical radio and cd player.

    7. no. not yet anyway. maybe someday i will. oh the peer pressure!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Tami – I’ll look when I get a chance.

    Pangie. Girlfriend, you need a blog. This is pitiful, using my comments to do Monday Mission! 😉

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