As you can see from the previous two posts, I’ve discovered Flickr’s nifty feature allowing me to send pictures from my mobile phone to my blog. It involves sending picture messages to an e-mail address, pretty much instantly posting the photo to my blog as well as to my Flickr account.

Oh, the joy! Last time I looked into it,I think they only supported Blogger. Now, even if I don’t say much, I will at least try to post pictures regularly. Posting much text with the Nokia’s slow T9 predictive text, however, is for the birds. Some day, I’d like a Sidekick or Treo or something with a little keyboard.

Yes, this from the woman who not that long ago said I’d never bother with a camera phone. Oh, and a keyboard? Who needs one of those? Yeah, the progression is predictable. The photo quality stinks compared to my other cameras, but it’s such a fun way to instantly share and to grab the transient moments.

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