Misty Meadows update

The fundraiser for my friends Ralph and Kathy went well, I’m happy to report! Here’s what Kathy had to say:

Well, ……………let me tell you. For a Thursday night, it went wonderful. I will tell you that there were over 100 people there and the bands/singers were awesome. Brigid Kaelin has a CD out. She was the Nashville Stars finalist. She said that it will air on January 11th, what an amazing voice. Everyone was so sweet and I made bunches of cookies for all the band members and singers. Bought these cute Christmas trays (for a $1 each) they were wooden with Christmas designs on them and we signed the back of each one. Filled them with cookies and wrapped them up.

Many people gave more than the $8 cover charge and we were just overwhelmed with the kindness. Hugged a lot of people, I know that. (Hugging is cool.) I’m not a smoker and many people were smoking and today I’m feeling like a chest cold, but it will pass with fresh air. I wasn’t going to complain. And my son and his girlfriend showed up and surprised us. He likes to do that to me…I should’ve known. He lives 3 hours away.

What a great time! WE DID WELL 🙂

It’s great seeing a community come together and help.

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