Minty fresh puppy dog breath

We’ve begun leaving the girls out while we’re gone. For years, we’ve crated the dogs or put them in the bathroom with a couple of big, fluffy dog beds. Now that Sarah, the Trash Destroyer Extraordinaire  is gone, though, we thought we’d let the pups have the run of the living room and kitchen in our absence. We’re not stupid, though — We put the kitchen trash up on a barstool, just in case. Emma has a penchant for trash, and I’m sure Stella would help her once the can was tipped.

When we arrived home this evening, everything seemed to be in its correct place. There were no disemboweled couch cushions or chewed houseslippers. Score! After dinner, I went to the office to do some paperwork.

Not long after this, I heard Howie’s voice. “Hon”, my hubby queried from the other room, “did Stella get into something? Her breath smells minty.”

Minty? I was preoccupied with a project and told him I couldn’t imagine what she could have found.

Twenty minutes later, he walked into the office and deposited this on the desk.

Evidently, Stella prefers C.O. Bigelow's spearmint, just like I do.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much left in the tube. It had been on our bookshelf headboard in the bedroom. The dogs were closed out of the bedroom while we were gone, so she must have sneaked it out of there at some earlier point and stashed it. While we were gone, she got her chance to really enjoy it.

Granted, her breath does smell better than the usual butt breath. However, I was concerned with the ingredients. I learned last year that Xylitol, an ingredient common to just about every sugar-free gum, is highly toxic to dogs. I looked on the tube and saw that saccharin is listed, but not Xylitol. Saccharin is not poisonous, at least not in the amount she received from the leftovers in that tube. Whew!

I’m more concerned about that tube’s petroleum jelly and its possible gastronomic after effects.

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