I’m writing this using Moveable Type, thanks to my kind webhost. I’m most excited about the extended entry capability, and I’m going to use it now.

Hmmmmm….Can’t figure out how to get this to be the only part showing before the extended entry link.

OOH, I got it! Effortless! How cool is that?? I don’t know much about this setup, but I’m giving it a go. I need to import my Blogger entries, but I’m not quite ready for that yet. I guess I’ll just keep that blog separate for the moment.

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4 thoughts on “Migration

  1. Seems like everywhere I go there’s blog changes going on. Miss Vikki has changed hers, I totally changed mine and here you are with a whole new look. Have fun blog building. So far, so good.

  2. You guys are too funny! So far I’ve just added links and a title to the default template. I wanna make it pretty like some of the other MT blogs I’ve seen. Oh, my, whole new learning curve here!!

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