Meet Mr. Higgins

Higgins is our newest fur baby, a black and white kitty we just adopted from the Homeward Bound Humane Society. He’s already been neutered and declawed, and he’s just a big, friendly lug.

He acts as if he’s been here for years. When I stood at the bathroom sink getting a glass of water, he hopped up on the counter. When I walked into the kitchen, there he was. When I sat down to type this, he materialized in front of me on my desk (and hit the F1 key with a paw as he tried to walk across it — must have thought I needed help).

Now, Hattie is a little less than pleased, but I know she’ll warm up to him. She’s been keeping to the periphery and hissing on occasion, but she’ll come around.

The girls are eager to meet Higgins, but I’m letting him walk around a bit before he’s met with wild canine enthusiasm. It sounds like he’s as comfortable around dogs as he is around cats, so I’m sure he’ll do great with them.

The only one I’m concerned about is Elliott. He’s getting so old and skinny, just rail thin. He would not even get off his cushion when Higgins walked right up to greet him.

Elliott is either used to people and animals being around all the time now, or he’s just so old he doesn’t care to move. He may just not feel all that great anymore; whatever the reason, it’s sad to see him looking so bad, poor old thing.

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