Meet Joe DiMAGE-eo

All of our auctions sold except one, and we’ve received payment on all except two of the winning bids so far. One’s coming via money order and the other will be PayPal. The bad news is the knives went for very little, but the good news is the PDA went for a little more than we’d hoped for; it all evened out.

The Konika Minolta DiMAGE A1 is what bought. We found one “like new” on eBay this weekend and went ahead and bought it since it was a good price and the auction was almost over. It was enough under our budget that we can go ahead and get a storage card for it. The 16mb card Minolta packages with these cameras is a joke (c’mon, manufacturers, your customers want to be able to take more than two TIFF images on a card when they get a camera!).

I’m calling it Joe. Joe DiMAGE-eo.

Now we’re trying to decide on what storage media to get for Joe, CompactFlash or microdrive. I believe we’ll go ahead and get a 1GB IBM Microdrive since we want to be able to take advantage of the large image files and video capabilities.

If you want to read more about this camera, here’s some good links:

  • Minolta’s page

    With all the photos I take of the dogs, I’m really excited about the fast autofocus and shutter speeds (1/16,000 second!). I also like how most of the major modes’ controls are on the camera’s body and not buried in menus. I can’t wait to start shooting. It also came with two of Minolta’s rechargeable batteries plus the charger, so I won’t be without power while waiting for its battery to recharge, either.

    The seller’s just up in Toledo, so it might get here tomorrow!

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    1. I read about the camera on the links you gave. WOW! Now you and Howie can both take pictures and it will be interesting to see the shots since different people see interest in different things. So at the same location you would often take totally different shots.

    2. We got it, and it’s very complicated! I know the functions, but don’t know the layout of all the buttons, gizmos and menus yet.

      I updated my link for ya, Naomi. 🙂

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