Measure twice, cut once

The new hammock arrived today from in its long, skinny box. Oh, the excitement!

Oh the frustration!

The hammock is big (5’W x 6’8″L), and that’s just the length between the wooden spacers, not the entire hammock and its hanging rings. If you count them, the hammock’s about 10’6″ long!

Heh. We also noticed that our fir trees, the intended supports, are only about 10′ apart. Considering we’re to allow 18-24″ in addition to the hammock’s total length, we need supports spaced about 12-13′ apart.

It’s a darned good thing the hammock was such a deal, because we’re going to have to buy a couple of eight foot length 4×4″ 6×6″ posts to sink as supports, plus a couple bags of Quikcrete to stabilize those posts. And we’ll have to post-hole dig into ground full of fine, fiberous fir roots.

I don’t want to hear one peep out of those trees, either.

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