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I believe God is practical, and I believe it’s perfectly okay to ask Him to provide for basic practical needs. Lately, tossing and turning all night and awaking very sore, our big need has been a new mattress – a good one. So, Thursday night I boldly told my mother-in-law and a friend that I was asking God to provide a mattress for us. I didn’t know how it would happen, or when, but I just felt this spark inside to ask – so I asked.

Late Friday afternoon, I got a phone call. No, it wasn’t a mattress salesman.

It was a man calling from Natura Pet Products, makers of the Innova dog food we buy.

A while back, I’d e-mailed some photos of our dogs to them, just wanting to show them some of their furry customers. They were some of my favorite shots, and I was pleased when a lady there e-mailed me and asked if I’d mind if they used some of my photos in their marketing, saying they like using actual customers’ pets.

As per their policy, I signed a model release and faxed it back, with an addendum she agreed to – understanding that I would still maintain copyright and I’d get credit on anything used. She let me know she was sending some on to their Marketing Director to see.

So, here was the Marketing Director calling me Friday afternoon, quite out of the blue and totally unexpectedly. He started out by saying that they really liked my photos and wanted exclusive rights to four of them.

He then offered me money. A goodly amount of money…Mattress money, with some left to spare. Not only that, they’re also giving me a year’s worth of free pet food. Knowing we have cats and dogs, he’s sending 2 coupons per month for a year, good for any size bag of dry food or case of canned. That alone is worth about $40-$50/month in savings to us. Wooooo! Talk about the awesome provision of God!

Best, I maintain copyright to the images. I can still publish them in my own works, make postcards, put together a book, sell prints independently, whatever — but no one may use them for any commercial application in the pet care industry without Natura’s permission.

He also indicated they’d be interested in seeing more photos and would like right of first refusal. I need some clarification on that one — I think it means they want first dibs on pictures I want to market, but I’m not sure.

In a nutshell, I am elated! Thrilled! Honored! Psyched! Grateful! The thought that I might actually be able to earn a living doing this great love of mine, this thing that’s as natural to me as breathing, just blows me away.

Their contacting me was such a God thing, too. I’ve never aggressively marketed my photos, writing, artwork — nothing, really, but myself when applying and interviewing for jobs. I know what I want to do now, just don’t know how to go about it.

4 thoughts on “Mattress Money

  1. ((that is awesome))maybe you should advertise, get yourself some business cards and do pet portraits. I bet there are many a pet owner in your area that would love to have their signficant furry family members pictures taken.

  2. Thanks! I need to check around and see the cost of printing some b&w photos 4-up and double-sided as postcards. I could cut them myself to save on costs and maybe sell them at local stores or in our church’s bookstore.

  3. Woo!!! Those photos of your pups are fantastic! I can see why they jumped at them. I am very happy for you (and your backs)… matresses cost some big bucks. And so does feeding the herd! 🙂

    Did I mention I love the pics of your pups?! 😉

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