Married to the Sea

I just love Married to the Sea, yet another site where you can lose yourself for hours and roar aloud with laughter.*

It’s the kind of stuff I used to do when I’d clip ads and pictures out of magazines and write captions on them. The site’s creators, Drew and Natalie Dee, must have an impressive collection of copyright and royalty-free clipart. I’m jealous! I know, I can easily find tons of it online, but it’s just not the same.

I think their creations are hysterical!

Married To The Sea

Married To The Sea

Married To The Sea

* Or, if you’re like me lately and it’s 4:00am with your husband sleeping mere feet from where you sit, you can laugh quietly to yourself.

4 thoughts on “Married to the Sea

  1. Yes, I am! The guy who does these comics is the same one who has the pug and does the videos on YouTube, including the one for “Charles has a Licking Problem”. Go search for that. LOL

  2. Who needs to search through the www to find the good stuff when we can just check out GW’s blog and have it served up in style complete with samples and links. Another fun one GW to add to my favorites list.

  3. Hey there! My computer is locked up and Kevin is not here to fix it. I wanted to email you and looked for a “contact me” or something with your email on your website, but cannot find it. He should be home around 4 and I will email you then 🙂

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