Market day at the county seat

Fridays have become even better since the opening of the Newark Downtown Farmer’s Market. As a certified nightowl, I really appreciate an evening market.

It’s held at 5 South 3rd Street on Courthouse Square (in the empty lot next to the McDonald’s). It runs every Friday between July 15-October 7, from 4-7pm. Those are some hours I can deal with!

Just one town over in Granville, another Farmer’s Market operates on Saturday mornings, 8am-Noon. They gather on North Main Street between the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. In the several years it’s been running, I think I’ve only been there twice. Let’s just say that Nightowl #1 usually stir around the crack o’ ten or so, and I usually don’t become ambulatory for another hour or two. To get the best produce, you have to arrive early, and I’m not going to crawl out of bed for some corn and tomatoes, nomatter how good they might be.

So, having a market right here in our downtown at all, let alone an evening market, is cause for celebration and I wanted to do my part in promoting it. Folks with a craving for fresh baked goods, local produce and farm beef can cruise the stands, plus there are also feasts for the eye as some vendors offer crafts and other homemade items. You can even purchase longhorn cattle skulls from one local beef farmer.

Just before heading over on Friday, I made up some business cards to spread the word about Dave’s Garden. I included this website and on it, too.

Decked out in my beloved DG T-shirt, I had quite a few folks ask me about it. Having the cards handy was a godsend as it sure beat writing down the URL repeatedly. I figured both sellers and customers might enjoy Dave’s Garden with, among others, the Market Growers and Farm Life forums.

It was a warm day, especially downtown, but I still had a great time talking with the vendors and taking pictures. Though I am a bit biased, I think farmers and gardeners are among the friendliest people around. Some expressed surprise when I told of how we trade plants through the mail with people from DG. The wheels started turning, though. After all, it’s a great way to find unusual varieties of plants and there’s nothing like a garden full of plants from friends. Yeah, it’s a great group. 🙂

Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at these folks and the goodies they offered: Photos are up!

5 thoughts on “Market day at the county seat

  1. that is too cool. I prefer getting my veggies and fruits from local farmers. Many of the grocery stores around here have a “home-grown” section that offers produce from local growers during the growing season.

  2. How does someone get involved in selling at the market? Is there an application process? I am interested in selling homemade organic soaps and other craft items.

  3. Hi, Tricia –

    Depending on where you live, you can probably contact your local chamber of commerce and they can put you in touch with your local farmer’s market contact person.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

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