Made in the shade

We were a little surprised when we got the first blind up on its hooks, thinking they would be more opaque. I’m not sure if these will shade us like the sheets (a.k.a. my redneck,  add-on canopies) did last year.  I guess that remains to be seen. One thing’s certain, however: They sure look better than the sheets did!
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3 thoughts on “Made in the shade

  1. Howie was home today in time to see how they worked and he said they work great for the job. I’m so glad to hear it!

    We would like to get a couple more to put up so we have some privacy from the street’s view. Our neighbor cleared out some of the scrubby old trees and shrubs on the property line. I don’t blame her for wanting to clear them out; I probably would have done the same thing if I’d bought the house. We’re still bummed that people passing by on the street can see right back to our patio now.

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