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Thanks to my friend Elena’s site, The Gathering Place, I’ve found a local artist whose photography and painting I really enjoy. What better to do with eye candy than share it with others who have a similar sweet tooth?

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Todd Muskopf is a Cincinnati native who coaxes sun-dappled, inviting landscapes and fascinating portraits from his palette. He also produces some spot-on gorgeous photos (especially the macros).

“When we find an artwork that speaks directly to our soul, we feel the bolt of lightning, the hand of God that says “Yes, this is right, this is it, this is part of me”. ~ M. Todd Muskopf

How aptly put – I just love that. When I see art I that speaks to me, I feel it build in me – it’s a bursting feeling, fullness of joy, or even sorrow, whatever the piece draws out from inside of me. Some art has nothing fanciful about it, yet it wrestles with us, bruises us even, and captures us all the same. Whether visceral or gentle, art speaks to us.

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Todd’s paintings, especially the landscapes of autumn woods, evoke in me the hiker’s familiar feeling of being disconnected from one world, and becoming deeply and fundamentally connected to another. I am brought into the landscapes Todd paints, for they feel so alive to me. The color blending is something I love about his paintings, too.

I admire painters. I have never been able to draw or paint what I see in my head, not with any justice, anyway. Photography, therefore, is my opportunity great to share the visions I see. But alas, photography can only capture images of the existing world; nomatter the artistry or skill used in taking a shot, it still can’t call into being the unique spark seen only in the mind’s eye. Seeing work like Todd’s makes me want to give drawing and painting another shot. I just fear my skill level will never measure up to my perfectionism, though.

Please, go enjoy his site – it’s worth the visit. And if something bubbles up in you when you see something on his site? Let him know. It’s gratifying to an artist to hear his hand has wrought something which reached another’s heart.

4 thoughts on “M Todd Muskopf

  1. Drawing is a talent that I would have liked to have had. Thanks for sharing these. I will visit his site 🙂

  2. Hello there, I just wanted to say that you have a very lovely blog here. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my website! 😀

  3. Todd is a great photographer! I have done many photo shoots before and he was by far one of the best. He helped me with my poses and also let me throw in my own ideas. He was very nice and we had a great time during the shoot.


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