Lucky patch

Ever since his myelogram of August 26, Howie’s had almost constant headaches and dizziness when he’s not reclining.

He missed a whole week of work due to this, exhausting his vacation hours. Today he called the doctor’s office because he was unsure of how flying would affect him.

Now, finally, the doctor said he could come in for a blood patch to fix what is probably a leak in his spinal cord. He said, “you basically have two choices, to live with it or have a blood patch”.

Gee…what to do, what to do. We choose door #2, doc.

We wonder why he couldn’t have given Howie the opportunity, like a week ago. It’s not like Howie’s not been in touch; he’s called a couple times about it and was home from work a day and a half last week at the doctor’s suggestion. The doctor kept telling him to drink plenty of fluids and up his caffeine intake. That’s the recommended conservative treatment, but after two weeks?

So….tomorrow is the blood patch, bright and early. We have to be there between 7:30am-9:30am since they’re squeezing him in. Please pray this does the trick and that our travel this uneventful.

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