Lucky 13

WoOoOoOo! I’m thirteen pounds down since Howie and I started dieting April 30. We ARE going to do it this time. As of Howie’s last weigh-in, he’d lost 29 32 pounds. He weighs weighed again today.

The folks over at 3 Fat Chicks are very encouraging, and it helps that we’re doing this together. Next month, when our car is ::finally:: paid off, we’re joining the YMCA. Two of our best friends are members there and spend a lot of time at the pool, so that will be further incentive to keep going.

One thing’s certain: We can’t walk this road alone. We need God, we need each other, and we need the encouragement of folks in the same struggle. Thank God for the internet when it comes to that last one!

P.S. My jeans were comforably fitted now, right out of the dryer. Hope they’ll be loose before long. Whee!

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5 thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. I am so happy for you both!! Just make sure that when you get super skinny you don’t hate the rest of us “soft” people 😉
    BTW, swimming is a GREAT form of exercise. You will LOVE the YMCA.

  2. Good gosh, I’ll always love soft people. I’ll always be soft, I bet. I just want to be healthy, and right now I’m not. My back and joints will feel so much better without the added strain.

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