Lovely lady hump – camel that is

My poor husband…He made me stand well away from people before he agreed to record this. How could I resist? I mean, it was a camel, for Pete’s sake…

Some first talky blog for me to post, eh? This doesn’t bode well for GW, does it?

This was recorded at Pigeon Roost Farm on Sunday afternoon. The camel in the background is Dana and she is a resident of Mitchell’s Ranch, but a guest of Pigeon Roost Farm for this year’s Halloween festivities.

Her companion Joe is much larger, and according to the information posted about them, likes to give “camel kisses” and steal snacks and drinks from unwary admirers.

Don’t those long camel lips remind you of characters out of the Simpsons?


I’m just sayin’.

By the way, Dana is due to calve in spring of 2008. How cool is that?

My hump,
My hump,
My lovely baby hump…

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4 thoughts on “Lovely lady hump – camel that is

  1. I’m SURE Howie thinks you have the voice of an angel! Oh, and camel kisses …. I cannot even fathom that!

  2. Well, his ringtone IS me singing a personalized version of Shoefly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy.

    Shoefly pie and apple pan dowdy
    Makes your eyes light up
    And Howie say howdy…

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