Logo angst

I’m working on my blog’s logo, but having trouble making a transparent GIF or PNG come out looking decent. Blah! Bear with me…I’m working on it. In the meantime, just hold your hand over the top of the screen while you read!

Update: Well, this JPG image will work for a while. It’s a little too big, though. I’ll make it smaller.

Wait! Newsflash! For now, I shall make my green background a layer in Photoshop and let my logo go above it; then when I save it, it will match the background already up at my site.

Added: Oooh, I think I might need to make a theme out of my birdhouse picture. It’s a little mosaic birdhouse I picked up at Big Lots a while back – I liked the photo of it and made my logo from it – might as well piddle around with it some more!

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