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It’s a video blog!

A few notes about the video: The song played during the Sideling Hill sequence of photos is “Train’s Up in the Sky”, by the now defunct band Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart. I was a big MLBH fan back in the day (as in the mid to late-80’s). The second song is “Drivin’ my Life Away“, by Eddie Rabbit. You can learn more about Sideling Hill at the Maryland DNR site and . You can also read information about the Sideling Hill tunnel online. Wikipedia has a good write-up about it, too.We are having such a nice visit with our friends Michael and Dea. They’re the friends we stayed with when Howie had his back surgery at Johns Hopkins in 2006. More soon!

4 thoughts on “Live from Frederick

  1. 1. I loved how you put the directions in the vent where you both could read them.
    2. The car looked very cheerful the way you decorated her. Does she have a name?
    3. Those cup holders are insane! They had to have been made by people who don’t spend much time in their car.
    4. The traffic looked very light on the road. How fortunate for you guys!
    5. Have you ever ordered one of the “Jared” sandwiches at Subway? I haven’t and wondered if they were very flavorful.
    6. I LOVE the purse! Any pads in there? Ha! Ha!
    7. I would have been worried about seeing people, especially kids, sitting on an overpass. I am paranoid where I have heard stories on the news about kids throwing cinder blocks off, hitting cars, and ultimately killing someone. I know; I am a complete bundle of joy!
    8. Wire? Howie! I thought ALL men used Duct tape. You are taking things up a notch for all men 😉
    9. Those shots at Sideling Hill are awesome.

  2. It seems so much later than it is, I thought “what’s Tami doing posting so late?”. Our friends are very early risers, so we’ve been heading up to our room early, too.

    Jared’s picks are good, too. We typically get turkey or roast beef with pretty much all the veggies. Howie doesn’t get cheese on his, but I sometimes do. I like my subs toasted, but Howie likes them untoasted.

    Oh — The kids were not on an overpass, but on the left side of it, clear up at the top of the cut-away hill overlooking the freeway. They were lying down in the grass at the edge of what amounts to being a cliff.

    No, no pads! Those are in the overnight bag! LOL

  3. Yes I tried to kick it up a notch but the wire did not hold. I probably should have used duct tape. The offending piece is gone now. So no more to worry about. They always though in extra pieces under the car that you don’t need.

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