Live from Baltimore

We had a pretty uneventful trip to Baltimore and are holed up in the hotel room for the night. We did go out to Crabby Dick’s for dinner.

We were originally going to try Mo’s Fisherman’s Wharf because they have a free shuttle to area hotels. We changed our minds when we saw the menu the front desk had, since Mo’s is expensive. We had a coupon for Crabby Dick’s courtesy of our reservations at , so it made sense to go there instead, we thought.

It was too far to walk to, even if Howie’s back wasn’t hurting him, so we took a cab. What IS it with taxi cabs, anyway? The guy who drove us to the restaurant charged $6 (Howie gave him $7). The guy who took us back to the hotel charged $9 (Howie gave him no extra!). The second cab’s meter was just flying upward. He drove a lot faster than the first guy, but didn’t take that different a route from what we could see.

I know we might as well introduce ourselves by saying “We’re from out of town and don’t know where the heck anything is or how to get there, so please take the least direct route you can to our destination and charge us out the wazoo, okay?”, ’cause that’s what we feel like they do. We were both as steamed as the seafood around here by the time we got out of that cab, let me tell ya.

The ironic thing is, we would have paid less at Mo’s for dinner, because our Crabby Dick’s coupon didn’t cover steamed crabs, which was one of the things in the bucket of steamed seafood we got. Plus there’d have been no cabfare. Blargh. Sure was good seafood, though.

Did a little web-surfing, but my eyes are burning and sleep’s not long in coming to claim me, I think. The only available room for tonight was a smoking room and it’s nasty-smelling. That doesn’t help the eye-burning situation. They should have some non-smoking units open up tomorrow so at least our second night’s stay won’t be a stinky one.

The blood patch did seem to help Howie. He’s been sore, but hasn’t had the headaches and sick feeling like he did. At least that’s what he said at one point…he’s asleep now, so I can’t get a direct quote for y’all. 😉

His appointment’s today (Thursday) at 11:30am. We’ll know more about his surgery then. After the whole long day of airports, wheelchairs and such, he’s concerned about what travel following back surgery is going to be like. It has him kind of re-thinking the whole Johns HOpkins thing. I asked him not to make that decision until we talked to people in their guest services office about what kinds of services are available for people traveling by air after surgeries.

More later – gotta rest these peepers!

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