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I want users to have ready access to my various blogrolls and links, but I want the links to appear in my sidebar in the form of expandable content or as drop-down lists. I know I can use Blogrolling’s script in a text box widget and it works just fine; I just don’t want to take up all that vertical space in my sidebar.

Alas, I am at an impass. I’ve spent hours looking on WordPress support forums and searching Google for solutions.

Until I can figure out how to use (a) Flooble’s expandable content script or (2) utilize a drop-down menu way to display my various blogrolls in my sidebar, my links will be on the Linky Goodness page instead of in my index’s sidebar.

If I were a whiz at CSS or javascript, this would be a piece of cake, I know! My main issue with Flooble is I’m not sure where to paste the first bit of script. They say to do this:

Copy and paste the following code into the top of your page (either right after the <BODY> tag,
or inside of the <HEAD> … </HEAD> tag). Do this only once per page, even if you are putting
more than one box with expandable content onto that page.

With all the themes available and all the templates under WP’s Presentation tab, I have no idea where to plug that little tidbit in. Second, I’m not sure where to put each script I generated for each blogroll. My Flooble script has the blogrolling script embedded in it.

Along the same line, I need to know if it’s best I put the script in a text widget? Can I have more than one script per text widget? Or do I need to bypass widgets and insert them in the sidebar template itself?

I really, really need to learn CSS and how this all works together. Some templates just call information out of other files, while others have content in them. It’s mind-boggling to me and the thought of learning all this well enough to be proficient at it is kind of scary. It’s the age-old question: Do I really NEED to know this? Well, unless I am to remain dependent on longsuffering friends and hours of trial and error on my part, the answer is yes.

About the blogrolling itself now. I know WordPress has its own links feature and even sports a bookmarklet which makes it easy to add links. However I’d really rather use Blogrolling because the organization is quick and easy to me. Is there some other option I’m missing? As long as I can make use of OPML files and switch easily between services, I’m all ears.

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  1. I am exactly the opposite. I like being able to look over and see everything without having to click on a tab. I also like seeing an entire blog entry without having to click “continue”. There is another blog that I used to like a whole lot more before she changed it around. Now you have to click on five different tabs to navigate her blog. To me, it’s not worth the trouble, so I don’t go there as much. I know you won’t do anything that drastic, but I am sad that she did. She asked people what they thought, but how do you tell someone you don’t like the changes? I mean, it’s her space and she can do what she wants with it. I wouldn’t want someone telling me what to do, but then again, I am not asking for input either.

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