Like pulling teeth

Last Thursday, I had treatment (temporary) crowns put on my back two lower left molars. I had discomfort on Friday and through the weekend, but thought it must just be normal since sites I’ve read indicate there can be sensitivity around the gumline following the installation of crowns.

It’s been getting worse, though. Today my left ear and jawline have a constant dull ache, even with taking 800mg ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. On top of that, I’ve had a headache I just can’t shake.

Tomorrow I have to go back to the dentist and have this checked out. He saw some discoloration under the amalgam in old filling on my upper back molar, so he thinks he will have to re-do that filling. I wish it could have all been done at one time, or that he would have told me I might need an additional filling. He’s also going to see if the crown needs to be reshaped so it is a better fit.

Anyway, I’m not a very happy camper this fine snowy Monday afternoon. I’m tired of my mouth hurting, tired of headaches. Exercise has gone out the window and I’m ensconsed in the recliner trying to distract myself. I don’t do pain real well.

What a God-awful pity party this entry is! Yuck!

Okay, what good things have been happening? For one, we got to see one of our favorite Caribou baristas in a musical Saturday night. Ashley did a great job as the stepmother in Cinderella’s Glass Slipper. Everyone was animated, really engaging. I’m surprised and disappointed that our local newspaper, The Advocate, hasn’t done any story on it.

Sunday afternoon, we went to a “Peanut Butter Brunch” at our friends’ church. My friend Amy works at the church part-time now, heading up the nursery and pre-school programming. She and her volunteers have transformed the bare walls of the rooms into something really incredible. I will have to post pictures soon so you can see what I mean. If they don’t inspire other churches, or even homeowners who’d like to do something fun with their walls, I’d be very surprised.

There, that’s better. I still feel cruddy, but life isn’t all that nasty.

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