Leo’s back!

Just a happy note here for all Leo Laporte fans. G4 TV wised up and brought Leo back on the revamped Call For Help. We’re happy campers here in Chez Geek. we’re not the only ones.

Like I wrote to G4, we abandoned their station when they switched to a hardcore gaming focus and dropped shows like Tech Live, The Screensavers and Call For Help. Now we’ll at least watch an hour a day, M-F. Give us a reason to watch more, G4!Most of us “oldsters” have more disposable income than your teen gamers, you know…Give us a reason to watch your shows again.

For those who miss Patrick Norton, check out Digital Life TV. Great to see you, Patrick! Kevin Rose always has good stuff, too.

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2 thoughts on “Leo’s back!

  1. I think Chris is brilliant, but he is a little too hyperactive for my viewing pleasure. I like Patrick and Leo’s more laid-back attitudes.

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