Leapday Smiles

For those of you who don’t know, my hubby and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary on Sunday, February 29. That’s right, we’ve been married three twelve years!

As many questions as we get about that date, I really ought to have a Leapday Wedding FAQ. It could include things such as this:

Q: Why leapday?
A: Back in the tail end of 1991, we became engaged and thought about wedding dates. Our first choice was October 19, 1992 – the anniversary of when we first met at a hayride our two singles groups had together. Well, the more we thought about it, the sillier it seemed to wait that long. We weren’t planning a huge, expensive and complicated wedding. Why wait? It was my boss who suggested leapday, first because it was unique and second because flowers would be back down to normal prices after Valentine’s day. So we chose it.

Q: When do you celebrate when it’s not a leap year?
A: Easy…All the time! Technically, our anniversary is in February, though, so we claim it on February 28 in the “off” years.

Our anniversary was nice, though it deviated from our original plans. We’d thought it might be fun to go to Japanese Steakhouse, and then head for The Book Loft in historic and cool German Village. After book shopping, we planned to grab a couple of comfy chairs and some free wi-fi access at Cuppa Joe next door.

Well, we ended up going to Outback Steakhouse and instead of The Book Loft, we schlepped around Meijer. Howie’s back was really hurting him after working in our yard on Saturday; he had fusion surgery in 1996 and deals with bad back pain on a daily basis.

Meijer offered him a cart to lean on, whereas The Book Loft only offered a big, 3-floor house of books with no back-friendly carts and no chairs. The choice was pretty simple. I like browsing stuff at Meijer with him just as much as I do bookstores. It’s the company, not the location, you know?

We did find a nice 7-piece block set of classic J.A. Henckels knives on clearance, so that was a really nice stab twist.

Heh, I’ve heard it’s bad luck to give knives as a wedding present. We figure we’ve been married long enough that a set of knives isn’t going to break us up if we buy ’em on our wedding anniversary. 😉

By the time we finished shopping, it was almost time for the coffee shops to close. Rather than rush back to Cuppa Joe for an unrelaxing half-hour visit, we stopped by a local truckstop on the way home. We slid into a booth and enjoyed a bit of wi-fi along with our late-night dessert.

When we finally did get to bed, we snuggled up and watched our wedding DVD. It was a really nice day together!

6 thoughts on “Leapday Smiles

  1. The Book Loft sounds like a little piece of heaven. Maybe you can go there sometime soon. Did you get a blooming onion at Outback? I love those! And they have great house salads!
    It’s cool that you have your wedding on DVD! And that snuggling part sounds great too 😉

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