Laundry timesaver, plus avoid missing socks and underwear

Does your household suffer from that common plight of missing socks? If you’re like me, you have a drawer full of pitiful, mateless,  mismatched halvsies.

If hunting down strays before you do the wash and sorting out all the socks and underwear drives you bonkers, read on. I read a great tip on a parenting-related blog in relation to kids. Granted, our kids have four hairy feet or fins, but some advice transcends parental status. This is something that would benefit any household of people who wear socks and/or underwear.

Chances are you fit into one or both of those categories! #nojudgement

Here it is: Keep a couple extra mesh laundry bags handy in or near your hamper. I’d avoid the great big laundry bags made to carry several loads and stick with some smaller ones designed more for delicates, like this set of 3 Ikea mesh laundry bags. Put your dirty socks and underwear this bag. If you really want to go all out in your laundry organization, have one bag for each garment type.

Come laundry day, just zip or tie up the bags and toss them in the washing machine. In case you’re wondering, yes, you can dry them right in the same bag, too. Ta da! No more missing socks, and what a time-saver come time to sort.

If you’d like to avoid the whole sorting thing, you could do like some people and just have black socks and white socks, plus a few dress socks. If that’s your sock drawer scenario, all you have to do with the clean, dry socks is dump ’em in the drawer and fuggedaboudit.

What are some of your favorite laundry tips?

5 thoughts on “Laundry timesaver, plus avoid missing socks and underwear

  1. Sometimes you are going to lose a few socks no matter how hard you try to avoid the problem. The best thing you can do when this happens is create an orphanage for lost socks. When you find one solo, just store it in a separate place and eventually—or at least hopefully—it will be reunited with its lost brother or sister by the next laundry cycle.

  2. Wonderful! I lost one of my socks at the corner of the washing machine that I couldn’t see twice or three times. It was really annoying. Thanks for your great tips.

  3. Some of our sock orphans have been orphaned for years. I don’t know how their mates have avoided discovery.

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