Last chance to vote in Mutt Madness

Coffee cupThere’s just 24 hours left to vote for your favorite of Sarahbou in the Furry Four! Heh.

Ask yourself, “who haven’t I told yet about this coffee-loving dog?”

Do it for the children.

Hey, our mothers are still alive – we’re children, right?

The only thing I won’t do here is try and guilt you into it by saying you don’t love Jesus if you don’t help and forward this post to everyone in your address book. But every other appeal is fair game:

If you love coffee…
If you love dogs…
If you love hotdogs…
If you love the underdog…
If you love your fellow man…
If you believe in the power of the blogosphere…

If you love goofballs and their pathetic appeals…

It is your moment to make a difference before midnight tonight. Vote now!

18 thoughts on “Last chance to vote in Mutt Madness

  1. What a cutie – and she sure loves her coffee, soo funny.
    I have told my family and friends at work to pop in and give her a vote, good luck.
    Christine C # 2264

  2. Hey – according to them we have until March 24 to vote – Long Time to go – No Hurry ;-O

  3. Just too cute! I voted for her… any dog that loves coffee, is my kinda dog!

    Patty 2832

  4. How could I NOT vote for Sarah! I’m behind on the Fiskateers MB, so this is the first time I saw your post. Great Video!

  5. I voted for the little caffeine fiend. LOL
    And I left a link to the brackets on a Yahoo scrapbook site that I belong to. There are at least 12 of us that are regulars and a bunch more that aren’t daily posters.

  6. That was cute!! I voted…My Little dog died last ThanksGiving she was 21 .. :+(

  7. If I had ever seen a dog do this before I would say. I have not though. How original and cute at the same time!! This absolutely made me smile, laugh and even cry thinking about her cutie pie little toenails clicking on the floor.(reminded me of my Bear, who is in Heaven now)
    LOVED IT!!!

  8. Thanks so much, everyone! You made my day, even if Sarah didn’t win. *sniffle*

    Mary and Donna, sorry about your sweet babies. ((hugs))

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