Lasagna bed

What an insane last week we’ve had – a lot going on.

When the weather’s been dry, we’ve worked outside in the yard, and I’ve also been keeping the house clean. Headaches and hand pain have been mostly better, but I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night and have found myself falling asleep as I sit at the computer, either that or so sleepy I’m no earthly good. As long as I’m outside working and moving, I’m okay, but I’m afraid I’ve gotten behind on several computer projects. :S Before I head to bed tonight, I wanted to post a picture of our lasagna bed in progress (you can read about another one we did here. That’s Howie working there. Whatta guy!

One frustrating thing happened today. I learned yesterday that Lowe’s sells their torn/open bags of mulch and potting soil for half price, but I didn’t find out until the guy was loading the van with the full-price bags I’d already bought at $3.66/each.

When it ended up we needed more today (doesn’t it always?), I stopped by the loading area and the kid on duty showed me there were seven bags of the 3cu’ bags of hardwood mulch in the discount pile. I went in and paid for them, plus two bags at full-price. The cashier wrote out 3.66/2 in long division and almost entered $2.83/each – glad I looked and let her know it should have been $1.83/each for the discounted bags.

The men loaded up my van with the two full-price bags and five discounted ones. They said there were no more of that type available. I should have realized something was wrong then, but I didn’t. I pointed to another type in the discount pile, but they said that was more expensive, and said they’d just give me two of the full-rpice unopened bags for the remainder. I drove home and lugged all nine of these bags up our little hill.

After tearing open two bags and spreading their contents, I realized they’d loaded up THE WRONG MULCH. They’d loaded the 2cu’ bags instead of the 3cu’ bags I’d paid for. Aaaaaargh! No WONDER each bag didn’t seem to be going as far as the other bags from the day before did!

It gets better…When I looked at the receipt, I saw that she’d also mischarged me for the seven torn bags, only charging $1.63 each instead of 1.83 each.

If I’d been charged the right amount, I could have gone in and showed them what amount I was overcharged when I was given the wrong size bags. I don’t even know what their normal price is for the 2cu’ bags. I’m a doctor, not a mathematician!

Bleah, back to Lowe’s tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Lasagna bed

  1. So what will you plant in the lasagna bed and how long will you have to wait for the newspaper to deteriorate?

  2. I have some low-growing groundcovers to plant along the wall’s edge for erosion control (it’s a big issue since we killed off the ivy that once covered that bed). I’ll be planting tomatoes and peppers there, too, along with brugmansias, some sweet-scented annuals like nicotiana, and a dwarf lilac. We might move a couple of our butterfly bushes over to that side, too.

    The newspaper doesn’t take very long to deteriorate – maybe a couple months if I keep the bed lightly watered to aid in decomposition. It basically composts in-place.

  3. Oh, and I figured out how much I was overcharged. It’s not much, but the hassle of not having enough mulch is the biggest pain. The 2cu’ bags I bought sell for $2.50/each, so they would have been $1.25/each for the ripped bags, and $2.50 for the whole ones. In all, because of her entry error, I was only overcharged $4.98…But I am out 9 cu’ of mulch. Doubt if they’ll let me have three $3.66 bags for that amount. Wish me luck! 😛

  4. That bed is looking pretty awsome but what really got my attention was that great looking man working on it. Howie is really looking HOT!

  5. Being tired seems to be an occupational hazard of computers some days. I’m working midnights and trying to help Mom during the day. Last night I had a severe case of keyboard face at work 🙂 There is only ONE cure and you seem to be doing it. Get out and push the body! Enjoy that garden while the weather lasts. At least you aren’t allergic to it. I went by a big garden center on my way to work tonight and almost choked on all the pollen. 🙁

    We are taking care of a young puppy who will be rather large when he stops growing. (Our exercise – 3 long walks daily 🙂 ) Is there a known cure for pulling?

    Christ IS coming!

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